How To Get A Refund On Cash App If Sent To Wrong Person

Nowadays many people have a question about how to get a refund on Cash App if sent to wrong person.

If you also send money to the wrong person and want a refund, but don’t know how to get it, then you are in the right place. Because today you are going to get a solution to this problem.

In most cases, users fall into the trap of scams and want a refund. Again, in many cases, users ask for a refund for sending money to the wrong person. Also, many people lose money due to various mistakes.

That is why the Cash App authority tells its users to be careful when they send or pay anyone. Also, the authority said to double-check the receipt information and number before sending money.

How To Get A Refund On Cash App If Sent To Wrong Person

There are 2 ways to get your money back. All the ways have been shared below. If the way 1 doesn’t work for you, follow way 2. By the way, let’s get started.

Refund a Payment

It is the best way to get a refund if you have made a wrong transaction.

Step 1: Access the Cash App from your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Step 2: Tap the “Activity” (look like a watch-shaped icon) icon from the bottom right.

Step 3: The total list of the previous transactions will be shown here. You have to just select that contact from whom you want the money back.

Step 4: After selecting the contact, click on the “three-dot” button from the top right corner.

Step 5: Now you will see an option called “Request Refund”, Just tap it.

Step 6: Choose the “I sent money to the wrong person” from the total list.

Step 7: Click the “Confirm/Next” button for refund processing.

Now that person will receive a notification of the refund you have requested. And as soon as he/she accepts that, you will get the money. After receiving, check the balance of this payment app.

But what will happen if he/she didn’t accept?

The Cash app advises its users not to buy digital products, exchange money or make any financial transactions with those people whom you do not know personally. Because there is no buyer protection policy.

But if you accidentally make a mistake, follow the way 2 now.

Ask For Refund Using Support

This is the last way that can be used to contact the authority for money back.

Step 1: Open your Cash App and enter to the “Profile”.

Step 2: Tap the “Support” from below and select the “Something Else” option.

Step 3: Now choose your problem, describe the whole issue, and send them an email.

But there is no guarantee if you will get your money back even if you make contact with an official supporter. That is why you should be careful when you make payment.

How long does it take to get a refund?

According to official information, it takes 7 to 10 days to get the money back in the account. Within these days, you will get money in your Cash App account, or for Debit Card cases, you will get money in Debit Card.


You have learned the whole process about how to get a refund on Cash App if sent to wrong person.

In general, this platform provides quick money transfer services. That means, when you make a payment, the opposite person will get that money instantly. But this instant feature is basically a problem for many people.

Because many people send money to the wrong people because they are not careful, and they are not able to cancel it even if they want to. Only here people are suffering from this issue.

BTW, use the above ways and make your life happy.

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